Quid Pro Quo Selling: Learning is Always Important

Effective people are also remarkable teachers for those people with whom they associate each day.  Instead of answering every question and removing every barrier, the successful people in this life realize that life lessons, emotional support and love are the building blocks for a lifetime of learning.  Emphasis on a steady stream of knowledge acquisition is learned through the living examples experienced from a very young age.  Bob Beck sales expert reminds people that the old adage is true, “Give a person a fish, and he eats for a day.  Teach him to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”  Those who learned to embrace new adventures experience life at a different level.

Just as children need guidance to accept more personal responsibility from a young age, employees must learn what challenges fall within the realm of their job responsibilities and which ones do not.  Job descriptions are the basis for boundaries that are intended to form the framework of task completion.  Individuals that exert efforts to learn how to perform their job duties well and trusted with additional responsibilities and paid more money.  Those who wait to be taught by another person and told what to do each day will be overlooked when promotion time arrives.

Happy employees understand how their job relates to the duties of others and how their contributions help the company.  Access to sufficient information challenges the most effective employees to continue their quest to learn something new every day.  When learners reach a plateau, one of the most effective ways to achieve breakthrough is to mentor someone else.  The pair will accomplish more in a day that an individual can because of their unique approaches to problem solving and task completion.  Interaction in the workplace encourages every employee to learn more about their industry, company and job duties.

At home, these same great employees are following similar practices in raising responsible children who love to learn.  Each child is expected to embrace age-appropriate responsibilities for their belongings and personal care.  Older children learn to seek new knowledge and demonstrate healthy learning habits to their younger siblings.  Instead of wanting more and more stuff, these children will be healthy and happy in the emotional security created by their parents.  Every employer that is able to find one of these lifelong learners in the workforce will do anything to retain them on staff.  Learning opens doors that too many people never see.

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